Shifting Borders Program

An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Visual Culture

17-18 March 2006

Concordia University, Montreal

Friday, 17 March 2006

1:15 pm
Frontier Continent: Identities and Crossings in Canada, the United States and New Spain

Moderator: Luke Nicholson, Concordia University

Writing their Lives: The Autobiographies of Early Canadian Women Pioneers
Mireille Eagan, Concordia University

Forging American History: Landscape Painting, Native Americans, and National Identity
Nancy Palm, Indiana University

Rethinking the Frontier in Spanish America: Art on the Jesuit Missions of Northeastern New Spain
Katherine Moore McAllen, Harvard University

3:45 pm
Wired Terrain: Checkpoints at the Digital Border

Moderator: Amanda York, Concordia University

The In-Between World of Contemporary Painting: Praxis and Reception in an Age of Pluralism
Jeffrey Nye, University of Regina

Playing Modernity: The Mapping Impulse in Empire Simulation Video Games
Trent Cruz, University of Western Ontario

A Borderland as Palimpsest: Articulating Borders of North American Selfhood with Bricolages in Digital Space
Jennifer Kocsmiersky, Dartmouth College, and Kiara Vigil, Dartmouth College

7:00 pm
Keynote Address

Talking Pictures: Black Feminist Generations
Michele Wallace, Cornell University

Saturday, March 18, 2006

10:00 am
Crossing Cultures, Crossing Mediums: Postcolonial Art and Innovation

Moderator: Marsha Taichman, Concordia University

We must daguerreotype Uncle Tom for our readers’: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Nearly Photographic Text
Diana K. Truite, Princeton University

Restraterizing Hybrid Identity in the Visual Arts
Kevin Ei-ichi deForest, Brandon University

Esteban Vicente, National Identity and the Borders of Collage
Daniel Haxall, Pennsylvania State University

1:00 pm
Definitions and Boundaries: Reality, Fiction, and the Art Object

Moderator: Amanda Beattie, Concordia University

La relique en art contemporain
Ève DeGarie-Lamanque, Concordia University

La filature de Sophie Calle entre le mode factual et fictionnel
Marie-Pierre Boucher, Concordia University

Science, art et manifestations rituelles : de l’épaisseur de la marge dans le bioart
Christine Desrochers, Université du Québec à Montréal

3:30 pm
Beyond Borders: Bridging Differences

Moderator: Jean-François Bélisle, Concordia University

Crossing Borders and Imagining Home/land: Armenian Artists Construct a Diasporic Identity in Los Angeles
Ramela Grigorian Abbamontian, UCLA

The Language of Home and (Dis)placement: The Photographs of Gabor Szilasi
Sharon Murray, Concordia University

Architecture and Artifice in the Recent Work of Krysztof Wodiczko
Tom Williams, SUNY Stony Brook