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Travelling Photographies

12-13 March 2010
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Christraud Geary
Teel Curator of African and Oceanic Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Organized by Concordia University’s Art History Graduate Student Association, Travelling Photographies is a two-day interdisciplinary graduate conference that will investigate the movement of photographs, photographers, and photographic histories through space and time.

Many scholars have interrogated the ever-changing relationship between the context of photographs and their meaning. But what happens when photographs travel across either literal or figurative borders? How do the uses and implications of photographic images and practices change when their contexts are transient? Photography has a longstanding and intimate association with tourism, but for this conference “travel” is intended to include the many ways in which photographs have moved and circulated, and been appropriated and reframed. The conference also aims to examine the impact of the Euro-Western photographic canon on the travel of certain styles, practices, and even modes of history writing.

The papers, which stem from the disciplines of art history, literature, sociology, geography, history, and law, will address such topics as the relationship between photography, tourism, and travel literature; the photographer as traveller; the travel of photographic styles and traditions across cultural borders; the circulation and reinterpretation of colonial photographs; the mediation of photographs; and the reframing or reappropriation of photographs.