Situate Yourself / Situez-Vous

A Graduate Conference on Embodied Knowledge in Art and Visual Culture

16 – 17 March 2012
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Keynote Speaker:
Natasha Myers
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Program in Science and Technology Studies, York University

Concordia University's Art History Graduate Student Association presents Situate Yourself: Embodied Knowledge in Art and Visual Culture, a two-day graduate conference drawing from the idea that the researcher is not a removed, ‘passive’ observer but rather one who is invested in his or her research and the knowledge produced. Since the late 1980s, feminist theorist and historian of science Donna Haraway has invited scholars to free themselves from “unlocatable and so irresponsible research,” and to position themselves within their research questions and subject matter using partial, located, and embodied knowledge. Haraway’s ideas continue to be relevant for art historians interested in pushing beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries of academia and the power relationship between the researcher and the subject.

This conference will provide a platform to consider the emergence of these processes within the realm of contemporary knowledge production. The papers to be presented stem from a variety of disciplines and approaches and will address the fundamental questions surrounding inquiry-based research from the perspectives of visual culture, art and architectural history, and art practice. Our hope is that the inherent multidisciplinarity of the situated knowledge explored in these papers will allow and encourage other researchers to bring their own particular location and position into their research.

The panel topics for this conference are as follows:

Encounters with the Self: Embodied Art Histories

Ideologies of Reception: Reflective Bodies In Motion

Beading/Listening: Art as Dialogue

Interfacing Research in Online Artistic Production

Viewing, Viewer, Viewed: Challenging the Spectator

Performing (In)Visibilities: The Politics of Gendered Looking

Each panel will be moderated by a member of the Concordia Art History faculty and will be followed by a discussion period.
This symposium is made possible by the generous support of the Department of Art History and the Concordia Graduate Students’ Association, as well as the hard work and dedication of the Art History Graduate Student Association (AHGSA) members, without whose tireless work and selfless dedication this conference would not be such a success.

The members of the Art History Graduate Student Association extend their warmest thanks to the session moderators, Rubiks, the University of Bristol Alumni Foundation, the University of Bristol Graduate School of Arts, and Professor Johanne Sloan, director of graduate programs.

  Donna Haraway, “Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective,” Feminist Studies 14, no. 3 (October 1, 1988): 583.

AHGSA Graduate Conference and the Concordia Student Strike

As a free, student-initiated and student-produced exhibition of and forum for research and intellectual exchange, open to all students and the public, this event constitutes an alternative student-run learning opportunity. Please come and support your colleagues. For more information on AHGSA’s support of the student strike, see our Home page.

We are providing space during breaks for anyone or any group who would like to present a performance action or artistic gesture in support of the strike. Please contact Lindsay Cory if you want to plan something:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Un colloque pour étudiants de cycles supérieurs sur la connaissance corporelle dans l’art et la culture visuelle

16 – 17 mars 2012
Université Concordia, Montréal, Canada

Conférencier d'honneur
Natasha Myers
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Program in Science and Technology Studies, York University

L’Association étudiante des études supérieures en histoire de l’art de l’Université Concordia présente le colloque Situez-vous: La connaissance corporelle dans l’art et la culture visuelle, une conférence d’une durée de deux jours qui examinera l’idée que le chercheur n’est pas un observateur ‘objectif’ détaché mais plutôt un être investit dans la recherche et les connaissances recueillis. Depuis la fin des années 80, les théories féministes et l’historienne en science Donna Haraway invitent les chercheurs à se libérer de la recherche irréparable et irresponsable, et se limiter aux cadres de leurs questions de recherches et du sujet de leur matière en utilisant la connaissance partielle, située dans la connaissance corporelle. Les idées avancées par Haraway demeurent pertinentes pour l’historien d’art intéressé à repousser les limites traditionnelles académiques et la relation de pouvoir entre le chercheur et le sujet.

Cette conférence fournira un forum pour considérer l’émergence de ces divers processus dans la production contemporaine de la connaissance. Les communications présentées émanent d’une variété de disciplines et d’approches et traitent des questions fondamentales gravitant autour de l’apprentissage par projet fondé sur la recherche à partir d’une perspective de la culture visuelle, de l’histoire de l’art et de la pratique artistique. C’est notre souhait que la multidisciplinarité inhérente explorée dans les panels permettra et encouragera les chercheurs à mettre en valeur leur propre situation et position dans la recherche.