Constellations, Clusters, Networks


2015 AHGSA (Art History Graduate Student Association) Annual Conference
March 6 - 7, 2015, Concordia University, Montrea

Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex
York Amphitheatre, EV-1.605
1515 St. Catherine St. W.
(Guy-Concordia Metro)

Friday March 6

1:00        • Opening Remarks

1:15        • Artist Collectives in Times of Crisis
                Moderator: Dr. Shauna Janssen

                Ksenia M. Soboleva, MA Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
                               Fierce pussy: A Queer Women Artists Collective During the AIDS Crisis

                Nima Esmailpour‏, PhD Art History, Concordia University
Restoring the Collectivity of Image:
                                From Exhibition to Penitentiary Space and Back Again

                Katrina Caruso, MA Art History, Concordia University
                                Reclaiming Body Territory in the City: Spatial Violence, Activist Networks

Break 10m

2:45        • Organizational Networks in Artist-Run Cultures
                Moderator: Dr. Martha Langford

                Grace Woods-Puckett, PhD Institute of Fine Arts, New York University 
Intersecting Orbits of Americans in England in the 1880s:
Shared Dreams and the Paradoxical Nature of Whistler as Centripetal Force

                Cliodna Cussen, MA Art History, York University
From Shore to Shore: Sheffield’s Influence on Canadian Arts Education

                Amber Berson, PhD Art History, Queen’s University
Don't get C.R.E.A.M.(ed):
                                Strategies of resistance for artist-run centres when cash rules everything around us

Break 10m

4:15        • Metadata as a Complex Network:
                A Case Study of Data Visualization for Art Historical Research
                Moderator: Dr. Anne Whitelaw

                Group paper by:
Tomasz Neugebauer, Digital Projects & Systems Development Librarian,
                                Concordia University Libraries
Felicity Tayler, PhD Humanities, Concordia University
Corina MacDonald, Project Manager for e-artexte

Break 30m

6:00        • Keynote Address – Dr. McKenzie Wark             
                Introduction: Dr. Cynthia Hammond, Department of Art History Chair
                Moderator: Mikhel Proulx, Conference Organizer


Saturday March 7

All Day event:
10:00-5:00pm Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon
Presented by Amber Berson and Kat Simpson,
                with support from the Canadian Women’s Art History Initiative (CWAHI)
                and the Concordia Digital Image and Slide Collection (DISC)
Drop-in event free and open to the public. EV 3.741

9:30        • Coffee – FoFA Atrium

10:00     Network Objects
Moderator: Bruno Andrus

                Sofia Kofodimos, MA Art History, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
The Open Curriculum of the New York Correspondence School:
                                Ray Johnson’s Pedagogical Mail Art

                Gillian Canavan, MA Art History, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
The Geography of Debris: Finding a Sense of Place in a Moveable System

                Dario Ré, MA Art History, Concordia University
Re(de)composition: Mycelial Networks and Contemporary Art

Break 10m

11:30     • Network Cultures
Moderator: Fiona Annis

                Annette Lepique, MA Modern Art History, Theory & Criticism,
                                School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Gurls and the Internet: Feminine Identity Construction Within the Digital Sphere

                Saelan Twerdy, PhD Art History, McGill University
Attention Ecology: Biological Metaphors in Post-internet Art

                Steve Lyons, PhD Art History, Concordia University
From Fluxus to e-flux: Nightmare of the Eternal Network


2:00        • En Masse: The Social Animal Network
                Moderator: Dr. Cynthia Hammond 

                Group paper by:
Alison Reiko Loader, PhD Communication Studies, Concordia Univesity
Christopher Plenzich, MSc Biology, Concordia University

Break 10m

3:00        Maps, Monuments, Movements and Cities
                Moderator: Dr. Nicola Pezolet

                Amanda Brownridge, MA Art History, Concordia University
How the West was Won:
Cartographic Encounters in New France and the Castor Canadensis
                                A New and Exact Iconographic Analysis of The Beaver Maps

                Taien Ng-Chan, PhD Humanities, Concordia University
Cartographies of time (an exploration of GPS and locative media art)

                Vincent Marquis, MA History of Art, Courtauld Institute of Art
“A Space Within a Space”:
                                Public Monuments and the Political Dynamics of Public Space

                Emily Bergsma, MA Art History, Concordia University
Melvin Charney’s “Citizen Architects”:
                                Techno-populist Architecture in Sixties Montreal

Break 10m


5:00        • Travel, Migration and Exchange  
                Moderator: Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim

                Samuel Luterbacher, PhD Art History, Yale University
The King’s Clock
                                Visualizing Time from Spain to Japan in the early seventeenth century

                Béatrice Grenier, MA Art History, Columbia University
The Transnational Network of Shanghai Abstract Painting (1976-1985)

6:00 • Closing Reception (FoFA Atrium)