Robin Tewes

Ideas and Action

Public Lecture

Concordia University, Montreal
1515 St. Catherine St. West,
EV 1.605

6pm, Saturday, March 12, 2016

I'm interested in how much a single narrative moment can tell us about our selves and the culture we live in. My work is involved with expressing paradoxical truths and the short stories have psychological theory. The characters for the most part are people that I know from the working class environment I grew up in.  I mostly paint intimately scaled interiors, which at first glance appear ordinary but at closer look are covered with words and images that can add to or change the meaning. My intentions are that nothing is necessarily what it seems. Class issues, especially in the art world, are an underexplored topic. My life’s work has been involved with this investigation and other social political issues, including discrimination in the art world.

Biography to come. 

This event supported by the Concordia University Department of Art History, the Art History Graduate Student Association, and the Concordia Council for Student Life.