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Charged Circuits: Questioning International Exhibition Practices

14-15 March 2008
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Keynote Speakers:
Doryun Chong
Assistant Curator of Visual Arts, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
Scott Burnham
Creative Director of the Biennale de Montréal 2009

This two-day symposium seeks to critically assess the recent proliferation of international exhibitions and their growing influence on the discipline of art history. What are the implications of this expanding transnational exhibition practice? Is this practice really the reflection of a ‘new internationalism’? Which artists and curators are privileged within the global exhibition circuit, and why? What are the power dynamics between global economy and local communities? What part does nationalism play within transnational exhibitions? And in what way have international exhibitions affected how art history is written today?

Admission is free and no reservations are needed.

This event is sponsored by Concordia University’s Department of Art History, the Art History Graduate Students Association, CCSL Special Projects Committee, the Concordia Graduate Students Association, The Gail & Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, and The Art Newspaper.

Conference organizers:
Alena M. Buis, Mark Clintberg, Tatiana Mellema, Christopher Régimbal, Jacqueline Sischy, Zoë Tousignant, and Dr Alice Ming Wai Jim (faculty advisor). Poster and program desisgned by Jim Verburg