past conf

Past Conferences

2016. Vitriol: Arts and its Discontents
Affect. Disaffection. Protest. Passion. Provocation. Subversion. Irony. Sarcasm. Camp. This conference will focus on all of those objects that polarize opinion, set conversation alight, and challenge discourse in new and interesting ways.

2015. Constellations, Clusters, Networks
A graduate conference on the diverse ways in which networks figure in current art historical research and practice

A graduate conference on community, collectivity, and engagement.

A Graduate Conference on the topic of Crisis

2012. Situate Yourself
A Graduate Conference on Embodied Knowledge in Art and Visual Culture

2011. Making Space
A Graduate Conference on the Shifting Concept of Space in Studies of Art and Visual Culture

2010. Travelling Photographies
A conference on the movement of photographs, photographers, and photographic histories through space and time

2009. Writing between the Lines: Art and its Historians
A conference on the roles, opportunities, and quandaries of those involved in writing art history

2008. Charged Circuits: Questioning International Exhibition Practices
Examining the proliferation of international exhibitions and their growing influence on the discipline of art history

2007. Shifting Borders
Discussing the notion of borders within visual culture